Analyzing policy outcome and agenda setting potential of protests in Hungary

The aim of the research project is to develop a method of protest event analysis based on semi-automatic content analysis of news articles. The articles, which will make up the corpus of content analysis will be provided by a media observer company. As this database of protest events will be based upon the code book of CAP, it will be possible to interlink protests to policy outcomes and media agenda collected and categorized by the Hungarian CAP team at the HAS CSS Institute for Political Science. With the help of this merged database, protest events can be analyzed if policy outcomes can be detected or if the protests could influence the media agenda. A significant added value of the project is the interconnection of automated protest event analysis and policy agenda databases. The experiences of the project can be used to build protest event databases with semi-automatic content analysis in other participating countries of the CAP as well, which enables to have comparable data on the policy outcome and agenda setting potential of protest events.


Keywords: social movements, protest event analysis, text mining, big data, CAP