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June 21, 2022 - Members of PoltextLAB participated in a conference organized by the COMPTEXT Network in Dublin (May 6-7, 2022)

2022. September 06. 12:30

Members of PoltextLAB attended a conference of the COMPTEXT international text mining network in Dublin from 6 to 7 May.

Miklós Sebők is a member of the conference's organizing committee.

Prior to the conference, Ákos Máté held a workshop on May 5 entitled “Data Visualization using ggplot2”.

At the COMPTEXT conference, poltextLAB researches was presented at the following presentations:

Sebők Miklós – Máté Ákos:

Solving Multi-class Classification for Low Resource Languages with Large Language Models

Máté Ákos – Barczikay Tamás:
European Central Bank communication during crises: ditching the boilerplate?

Péter Gelányi – Orsolya Ring
Identifying the relation between parliamentary speeches and coalition building in Hungary with text mining

Orsolya Ring ( – Krzysztof Rybinski):
A big data analysis of International Organizations legitimation in the media in post-socialist countries

The conference program is available here.