About the Project

The MILAB research plan follows the Hungarian National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (2020-2030) and implements its research components. Main research areas are AI; mathematical foundations of deep learning; human language processing; machine perception; medical, health and biological use; biometric applications, data processing technologies to protect personal data; the agri-food industry; transport; manufacturing and manufacturing; telecommunications.

MILAB is coordinated by SZTAKI, with the Rényi Institute of Mathematic as lead partner in basic research. The Laboratory is a consortium of 10 research centers, universities, and governmental bodies. Scientific director of MILAB is András Benczúr, head of Informatics Laboratory by SZTAKI, project coordinator is Gábor Érdi-Krausz.

Consortial partners of the MILAB project are: SZTAKI (Institute for Computer Science and Control); Rényi Institute (Alfred Renyi Institue of Mathematics); BME (Budapest University of Technology and Economics); ELTE (Eötvös Loránd Science University); SOTE (Semmelweiss University); SZTE (Szeged) (University of Szeged); SZE (Győr) (Széchenyi István University); KOKI (Insitute of Experimental Medicine); TK (Centre of Social Sciences); Nemzetbiztonsági Szakszolgálat (Special Service for National Security).

Interdisciplinary research using AI, based on big data sources and network science is decisive and increasingly important in CSS's research profile. In addition, Centre of Social Sciences as one of the most important research centers of Hungarian social sciences is able to examine in a complex way the social, economic, political and legal (regulatory) aspects of the opportunities offered by new technologies.