The legal challenges of artificial intelligence

The project supports to achieve the objectives of the Hungarian AI strategy. The declared objective is to identify the current and future problems in connection with AI’s legal environment. However, some specific features of AI can make the application and enforcement of this legislation more difficult. For this reason, there is a need to examine whether current legislation is able to address the risks of AI and can be effectively enforced, whether adaptations of the legislation are needed, or whether new legislation is needed.

The aim of the project is to asses the sectorspecific legal questions and provide support and expertise for the members of the consortium. Furthermore, the researchers carry out a fundamental research in legal studies. Its objective is to map the possible directions, identify best practises within differenct branch of laws in regard to AI by applying comparative method and focus on the EU’s legal framework. They initiate and promote scientific and professional discussions. On that basis, they propose specific and effective, legal recommendations in order to foster AI’s legal environment. The project also deals with text mining in legal field in order to promote the use of quantitive text analysis as a method.