Impacts of Social Cognition and Legal Decision-Making: Formal Modeling, Deep Learning Application

This explorative research would constitute the Hungarian leg of a European research consortium under formation. The goal is specifying formal models that capture the functioning of legal discretion, an aspect that – up till now – has notoriously defied modeling with formal means. Legal discretion is addressed in three contexts. Hungary: modeling higher level court decision-making (Court of Constitution, Curia); UK: modeling the precedent-based legal functioning in public law; the Netherlands: exploring the focal role of the Dutch concept ’redelijkheid’ (’reasonability’) in legal practice. The formal models are tested computationally in Deep Learning contexts. The one-year research period will be spent on the in situ training of a young researcher in formal model building and testing. We search a person with social science university background and with hands-on programming skills. This mix of expertise can usually be obtained outside academia. We look for someone with academic interest and with an industry experience. We train him/her to fit into internationally recognized research teams and to be able to publish results in upper-echelon scientific journals. Keywords: Formal modeling, Legal discretion, Deep learning, Social Cognition, AI in Law