February 16, 2023 - CSS MILAB at the AI & Aut Expo

Between 14-15 February, 2023 SZTAKI hosted the AI & Aut Expo, an exhibition for local, regional and European technology and innovation. The event was held at the Hungarian Railway Museum and supported by the Neumann Nonprofit Ltd.

The expo served as an occassion for attendees to get acquinted with the many ways to utilize and exploit the advantages that artifical intelligence and autonomous systems offer, as well as for researchers to expand their knowledge and network. Presentations on the business side were held by representatives and experts from various companies such as Google, Bosch Rexroth, Clementine, Continental, OTP Bank or Telekom. Guests could also listen in on talks from several Hungarian and international research institutes, universities, and academic organizations. The first iteration on Tuesday was opened by the speeches of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation and the Ministry of Economic Development, while on Wednesday, the crowds were welcomed the British ambassador to Hungary, and the vice president at the Hungarian National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

CSS MILAB was represented by the member project Octopus Research Tools (ORT), with the demonstrators on-site being Bence Ságvári, Attila Gulyás, Bence Kollányi, and Krisztián Kókai. Aside from showcasing ORT, the 2020-2023 yearbook of the centre's work and successes was also presented to attendees, who were able to read and take home printed copies of the volume.