26 September, 2023 - Miklós Sebők receives grant award at Hungarian Academy of Sciences

On September 26, Miklós Sebők received the grant award of the new Lendület (“Momentum”) research group at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The President of the Academy decided on 31 May 2023 on the ranking of excellence and the amounts of funding to be awarded to the research teams to be supported. As a result, a new Lendület (“Momentum”) research group was established at the Centre for Social Sciences (CSS), Budapest, led by Miklós Sebők. 

The five-year project, funded with over EUR 560 000, is entitled: "The changing global relations of the Visegrad countries in times of war - An artificial intelligence-assisted comparative analysis". Dr Sebők is a research professor at the Institute of Political Science CSS, and the National Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence at CSS, as well as the principal investigator of poltextLAB (poltextlab.com), a research lab dedicated to text mining and artificial intelligence applications in the social sciences. The project will extend the lab's machine learning-based analysis of public policy agendas to the history and current data sources of the Visegrad countries after 1990, with the help of the lab's collaborators and national and international partners.

Details on the Momentum research project of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences can be found here (in Hungarian): https://mta.hu/mta_hirei/a-bronzkortol-a-nanotechnologiaig-19-uj-lendulet-kutatocsoport-alakul-az-mta-tamogatasaval-112990.