27 November, 2023 - István Hoffman's presentation at Safe Place 2023 Congress

Safe Place 2023 Congress, the most significant security conference in the Central-Eastern European region, took place from November 20 to 22, organized by the Military University of Technology in Warsaw (Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna – WAT). With a primary focus on the defense of critical infrastructure, the conference delved into key topics such as electronic warfare, cybersecurity, and the military use of artificial intelligence in safeguarding critical infrastructure.

The multidisciplinary nature of the conference brought together experts not only from military sciences but also from technical sciences and related social sciences. Scholars and professionals presented their insights on various aspects of critical infrastructure protection.

On November 20, in the legal and administrative section of the conference conducted in English, István Hoffman had a presentation entitled "Legal tools on protecting critical infrastructure - cybersecurity, critical infrastructure and its regulatory issues." His talk addressed the intersection of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and the regulatory aspects concerning the protection of critical infrastructure.

Hoffman, not only a presenter but also a contributor to the compilation of the scientific program in the field of social sciences, strengthened the ties of the MILAB legal subproject with Polish researchers specializing in military and military technology, particularly in the realms of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence regulation.

The conference served as a platform for networking and collaboration among experts, fostering discussions on pressing issues related to the ever-evolving landscape of security in the Central-Eastern European region. For a detailed overview of the conference program, interested individuals can refer to the official website: Safe Place 2023 Congress Program.