Zoltán Kmetty

Zoltán Kmetty
Download CV Research Fellow (MTA TK Recens)
Research Interests


Mathematical Statistics

Political participation

Network analysis

Computational Social Science

Text Mining

Selected Publications

Kostadinova Tatiana, Kmetty Zoltán: Corruption and Political Participation in Hungary: Testing Models of Civic Engagement. EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES. Online first (2018)

Kmetty Zoltán, Tardos Róbert, Albert Fruzsina, Dávid Beáta: Mapping social milieus and cohesion patterns between 1997 and 2014.: Exploiting the potential of the occupational position generator. SOCIAL NETWORKS 55:(10)  pp. 116-129. (2018)

Kmetty Zoltán, Kolta Júlia, Tardos Róbert: Core Ties Homophily and Sociocultural Divides in Hungary from 1987 to 2015. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY 47:(3)  pp. 228-249. (2017)

Kmetty Zoltán, Tardos Róbert: Diverging Patterns of Satisfaction across Europe COMPARATIVE SOCIOLOGY 16:(6)  p. 746. (2017)

Albert F, Dávid B, Kmetty Z, Kristóf L, Róbert P, Szabó A: Mapping the Post-communist Class Structure: Findings from the 'Hungarian Class Survey' EAST EUROPEAN POLITICS AND SOCIETIES &:  p. &. (2017)

Jürgen Maier, Thorsten Faas, Gábor Jelenfi, Zoltan Kmetty, Gergo Zavecz (et al): This time it’s different? Effects of the Eurovision Debate on young citizens’ and its consequence for EU democracy – evidence from a quasi-experiment in 24 countries JOURNAL OF EUROPEAN PUBLIC POLICY (2017)

Kmetty Zoltán, Koltai Júlia, Bokányi Eszter, Bozsonyi Károly: Seasonality Pattern of Suicides in the US: A Comparative Analysis of a Twitter Based Bad-mood Index and Committed Suicides. INTERSECTIONS: EAST EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIETY AND POLITICS 3:(1)  pp. 56-75. (2017)

Kmetty Zoltán, Tomasovszky Álmos, Bozsonyi Károly: Moon/sun – suicide: Attempts to understand the complex mechanism of suicide. REVIEWS ON ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH OnlineFirst!: p. 1. (2018)

Research Projects

2012-2013 - The complex analysis of Red Sludge Catastrophic – MTA – Researcher

2012-2014 – Disadvantaged people access to the social system – TÁMOP 5.4.1-12 - Researcher

2012-2015 - Political Rifts in Hungary – OTKA – Researcher

2013-2018 - Crisis and Social Innovation – MTA Research Group – Researcher

2015-2017 – NATCONSUMERS – H2020 – Project Coordinator

2016-2018 - ISSP – Networks and resources – OTKA – Researcher

2016-2018 - Explaining welfare attitudes: general moral principles, issue framing and survey design – OTKA – Researcher

2018-2020 – STEPIN – H2020 – Lead researcher

2018-2020 – Text analytics and social media research- Principal Investigator