September 15, 2022 - Visiting Professorship in Artificial Intelligence for Social Sciences

The Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory of the Centre for Social Sciences (CSS AI LAB-TK MILAB, launches a call for applications inviting internationally acclaimed foreign researchers for a period of 1–8 months to conduct research in Hungary.

More information is available here.


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January 12, 2021 - We held our online kickoff conference

We successfully held the online kickoff conference of the CSS Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory with more than 120 participants. In addition to the presentation of the subprojects taking place in the Centre, the audience was able to get acquainted with the projects running in the institutions participating in the MILAB consortia. The event was divided into three sessions, with a total of 10 presentations. Without being exhaustive, the audience was able to get answer many exciting questions, e.g. the possibilities of different professional applications of natural language processing, or how to model mass spatial motion from mobile communication date and identify groups with similar spatial behavior patterns based on them, or the challenges of the legal environment of artificial intelligence.

September 30, 2020- 18 National Laboratories, including the Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB) have been launched with CSS as a project partner

The Artificial Intelligence National Laboratory (MILAB) aims to strengthen Hungary's position in AI. MILAB aims to promote and finance publications, patents, technology transfer and industrial relations on the priority topics related to AI. The main objective is also to link and joint representation of industrial, university and research institutions in the field in market and international projects.

On behalf of CSS, principal investigators are Miklós Sebők (PTI-POLTEXT) and Bence Ságvári (CSS-RECENS; SZI).