February 22, 2023 - CSS MILAB yearbook debut and presentation on AI-narratives in online media

The 2020-2023 yearbook for CSS MILAB has been presented on the 22nd of February at the Central building of SZTAKI (13-17 Kende, 1111 Budapest, Hungary). The publication showcases the various themes and fruition of the most recent research cases conducted within MILAB, which were demonstrated during the event by co-principal investigator Miklós Sebők.

Alongside the official debut of the yearbook, attendees were able to listen in on the dissemination of a research presented by co-principal investigator Bence Ságvári and Bence Kollányi. The research analysed content and discourse between 2020 and 2022 in Hungarian online media spaces regarding the subject of artifical intelligence, focusing on attitudes, concerns, interesting topics and so on. Pálma Mogyorósi, participant researcher, answered questions from the audience.

The event was largely visited online via the provided stream.


The printed yearbook will be available at our next events as well as at the Centre itself. It is also readily available both in English and Hungarian online.